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"It's your future, make your story legendary"


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In 1981, the District established a Gender Specific Program for Girls in Barton, Ohio. The Gender Specific program was established to assist the federal mandate of the de-institutionalization of status offenders. The function and purpose of the Gender Specific Program was to provide a non-secure, residential alternative to secure detention for Juvenile Courts and other agencies seeking temporary out-of-home placement for adolescents. The Gender Specific Program population consisted of non-violent youth who posed no risk to the community. The ultimate goal of the Gender Specific Program was to return the child, whenever possible, to their family with no further Court or agency involvement.

Today, the Future Stories facility (formerly the Gender Specific Program-changed in 2019) is in the former Oakview building located on National Road in St. Clairsville, Ohio. 

As a division of the Belmont-Harrison Juvenile District, the Future Stories program still remains a community based, non-secure option for Juvenile Courts and Child Welfare agencies. Future Stories has a service record with nine counties in the State of Ohio, is Title IV-E eligible, licensed by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, and provides year-round educational services. In addition to the traditional Juvenile Court and Child Welfare placement, short-term emergency placement options are also available. 

The Belmont-Harrison Juvenile District is committed to providing quality services to the juvenile female population. Recognizing the unique developments of the adolescent female, our approach focuses on the principals of positive individual stories of the future. While each girl is held accountable for her actions, she is also empowered to recognize her self-worth and her ability to contribute to her community. 

Mission Statement: 

"The mission of the Future Stories program is to provide a safe, structured, nurturing environment for adolescents in our community. It is our intent to promote young women to grow into productive members of our society by empowering them to make responsible choices and become accountable for their behavior. Our mission is accomplished through a multi-dimensional program that incorporates individual, family, and group counseling, education, community service, recreation, basic living skills, and responsible decision making skills." 

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