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Opened in 1973, the Sargus Juvenile Detention Center became the first operating program of the joint-county Juvenile District. The function and purpose of the Sargus Center was and still is to this day a public service to provide the Juvenile Courts with a secure setting for youth that meets the criteria established in Ohio Revised Code 2151.31.

The Sargus Center serves Belmont, Harrison, Guernsey and Monroe County residents. Maximum capacity of the Center is 30 residents, with an average daily population in 2020 of 12 kids per day. Population control measures due to the pandemic were in place from April of 2020 through the end of the year. 

Mission Statement: 

"As a Juvenile Detention Center, it is our purpose to provide a safe and secure environment for the youth detained in our facility, while holding them accountable for their actions in a dignified and respectful manner. It is our intention to help each individual that comes through our doors to accept responsibility for his or her behavior and to learn to make better decisions to successfully function in society." 

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