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At the Future Stories facility, the program operates much like an everyday household. With that in mind, donating to the program can be achieved in a number of different ways. We are always in need of everyday household items and appliances that our residents may encounter in a stabilized home environment .  Our goal is to provide an experience much like any adolescent female would encounter at an established family household. The mission of social learning, self care and personal responsibility make up the foundation of what we seek to accomplish in the youth we care for, and functional items and products may serve a crucial role in meeting those benchmarks. Additionally, any approved education-based material would be welcomed with open arms. Especially books! We maintain a library inside the facility, and the girls are always eager to find new-to-the-facility titles. 


Of course, we are consistently looking to get the community involved with the youth we serve. If you have a special talent or healthy hobby that may provide an outlet or inspiration to our residents, we would gladly incorporate those elements into our program. Often times, we find the best results stem from those that are willing to invest time in the youth we care for. Creating working partnerships can be paramount in the success of our youth once they have moved on from our care. Putting our residents on the best path to be successful upon departure is of high value to the Juvenile District, and we know that there are many talented , passionate, and dedicated individuals in our surrounding communities that can play a large role in that process! 

Sargus Juvenile Center

Due to the nature of the environment at the Sargus Juvenile Detention Center, donating to this program can be considerably more concentrated. In the Detention Center, all products will be subject to more strict review, and some items we may simply not be able to accept. Recreational equipment, books and art supplies are all items that we are constantly replacing at this facility. 

Much like the Future Stories facility, we are always looking for community members who may have healthy special interests that could serve to inspire our residents!

While our budget does cover the necessities to appropriately operate the two programs, it is a guarantee that any donated items would assist the Juvenile District in better caring for the underserved children population of our communities.

If you have any questions regarding what may be appropriate to donate, or have ideas on how to interact with our programs, please contact the Executive Director, D.J. Watson (, or 740-695-9750) 

For monetary donations, we can provide our Tax ID number as a public non-profit upon request. 

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